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di Klauss-Dieter Weiss

GATERMANN + SCHOSSIG. Raum Kunst Technik/Space Art Technology

Dörte Gatermann and Elmar Schossig are among the leading architects of their generation in Germany. In the nearly twenty-five years since they founded their firm, they have realized a remarkably broad range of building tasks, from single-family houses to administration buildings and complex structures for industry and technology.

Their works combine high standards of climate, material, and energy efficiency and functional processes, construction, and aesthetics with a highly developed empathy for users’ needs. Lighting, surfaces, textures, smell, temperature, acoustics, and colors are the artistic and space-defining elements of their practice.

The volume is organized by building task – housing construction, commercial construction, administration, and culture. The essays are closely linked to the projects presented and offer an authoritative overview of the spatial, artistic, and technical aspects of the architects’ work. 

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Lingua: D-GB
Anno: 2009

ISBN: 9783764399443