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FROM ME TO WE. The Changing Workspace

This is a surprising book which presents us the changing trend of workplaces with an emergence of big data. This may bring us more imaginations: in the future, should the employers trace their employees’ movement in workplaces? Can the colour of an interior wall change the way that we think and perceive? Even do you need an actual office now? The answers may be varied. But we are sure that the design of workplace is changing in the role of enhancing working efficiency. This book unfolds in accordance with this idea. We have to admit that with the development of age of big data, workplaces are changing from a spatial order of “I” to that of “We.” Changes are constant and develop with social developments. We hope this book will trigger readers’ deep thoughts.

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Formato: 21,5×28,5
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2016

ISBN: 9781910596234

Matthew Driscoll co-founded Threefold Architects with Jack Hosea in 2004. Since setting up the practice he has been key to the development and success of Threefold Architects. He is a lead designer and as well as acting as project director to deliver many projects including Ladderstile House, Wharf Green and Hurst Avenue. Matthew was educated at the Bartlett, UCL. Following his graduation, he worked for both large and small award winning design practices where he gained a variety of experience working on new building projects from houseboats and bridges to racecourses and office buildings. Matthew’s experience has focused on innovation in design and use of materials and construction techniques.