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| Exciting new Perspectives on the architectural Works by Ernst and Peter Neufert

The numerous designs by Ernst Neufert (1900–1986) and his son, Peter Neufert (1925–1999), which ranged from residences to industrial and office buildings, helped define twentieth-century German architecture. Especially influential, of course, were the many years that Ernst Neufert taught at the Technical University of Darmstadt as well as his Bauentwurfslehre, a theory of architectural design that continues to be a standard work to this day. 
The Neuferts’ buildings stand for Modernism and the rebuilding of Germany after World War II. Ernst Neufert, for instance, designed the strictly functional Quelle distribution center in Nuremberg. Prestressed concrete offered technical opportunities for Peter Neufert’s bold experiments in form, which clearly distinguished his buildings in the late sixties from those of his father. Using large-format photographs, this volume documents the first stage of six selected building projects by the two architects and attests to the quality and relevance of their designs.

– Texts by Michael Kasiske, Johannes Kister, Lilian Pfaff

– Graphic Design by Seltisch Weig, Düsseldorf

Veste editoriale: Softcover
Formato: 21×28
Pagine: 176
Immagini a colori: 121
Lingua: D
Anno: 2014

ISBN: 9783775738125