ENJOYING. Red Dot Design Yearbook 2018/2019


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di Peter Zec

The products that have won the Red Dot earn themselves a place in the Enjoying 2018/2019 yearbook. Together, they present a varied picture of the field of leisure and relaxation. The innovation and design quality of the products presented here help to make work safer, more comfortable and more pleasant, showing new ways to harness the innovation potential of modern technology. In addition to the areas of bathrooms and spas, vehicles, consumer electronics and cameras, as well as communication, the yearbook also includes the design team of the year besides in-depth features on the designers and jury members.

For design professionals and lovers of design – Enjoying 2018/2019 is not only an enrichment for designers and design students: It also gives product managers, heads of purchasing or marketing strategists an overview of culturally relevant product design, providing those interested in design with an insight into an exciting and vibrant industry.

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Anno: 2018

ISBN: 9783899392067