EN BLANCO 17: Atelier Marc Barani


Many words come immediately to mind when talking about the architecture of Marc Barani: rigor, simplicity, effectiveness, power, archaism, respect to the landscape…

We will only retain three that -complementing each other- allow us to describe this career quite precisely. It is a career that, despite being apparently part of the white modernity, involves radical breaks. Territory, mass, infrastructure: three relatively exclusive words.

This is the first constant in all the buildings by the architect from Nice: how they are capable of seeking yet a more fundamental support -a rock, a foundationbeyond the city and its fallacious scenography. They all take into account the slightest slope, the slightest crevice, to better anchor in geography.

By perceiving the space as a relief pierced by communication paths, the buildings -whatever their program- seek to achieve the critical mass that will allow them to develop their own force of attraction…

Like Claude Parent and Paul Virilio, Marc Barani works with the earth, in relations to the land. However, there are differences between these two approaches that make them irreconcilable, especially in relation to the notions of oblique and cryptic.

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