EL CROQUIS: Lacaton & Vassal (Extended Reprint)


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Special Reprint of the number 177/178 of El Croquis dedicated to the work of the French practice Lacaton & Vassal. Besides the original content, this book includes:

– Two updated works: the Transformation of 530 Dwellings in Bordeaux and the 96 Housing Units in Chalon sur Saône.
– One new building: 5 9 dwellings in Neppert gardens.

– One new project: Mixed Use Building in Chêne-Bourg.

This reprint of ‘El Croquis’ celebrates Paris-based architects Lacaton & Vassal (> Biography), after founders Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal became Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates in 2021. It gives special consideration not only to the evolution of their methodology and ideals, through critical analysis by Arnoldo Rivkin and Juan Hereros and an interview with the architects, but also to an extensive selection of exemplary projects. Among the featured works are the Nantes School of Architecture, FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais, Guangzhou Museum, Le Grand Sud Polyvalent Theater in Lille, housing projects in Paris, Saint Nazaire, Mulhouse, and Bordeaux, plus their newest projects since winning the Pritzker Prize.

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A Conversation with Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal

Spacing. The Post Media Horizon of the Work of Lacaton & Vassal

Latapie House
House in Dordogne
House in Lége-Cap-Ferret
House in Coutras
Café in the Architektur Zentrum, Vienna
Office Building, Nantes
Cité Manifeste, Mulhouse
House in Keremma
Management Science University, Bourdeaux
Hotel Lacoste Hyatt, Dakar
Wine Cellar in Embres et Castelmaure
Fair and Exhibition Hall, Villepinte, Paris Nord
School of Architecture, Nantes
La Vecquerie Eco-Area, Saint Nazaire
23 Housing Units, Trignac
Transformation of Bois-le-Prêtre Tower, Paris
53 Semi-Collective Housing Units, Saint Nazaire
Transformation of 530 Dwellings in Bordeaux
Palais de Tokyo, Paris
FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais
Polyvalent Theater ‘Le Grand Sud’, Lille
Transformation of an Apartment Tower, La Chesnaie, Saint Nazaire
Ourcq Jaures Student and Social Housing, Paris
59 dwellings in Neppert Gardens
96 Housing Units, Chalon sur Saône
Guangzhou Museum
Mixed Use Building in Chêne-Bourg
18 apartments, Rixheim

Nothing Exceptional
Seven Approaches Reconsidered in the Work of Lacaton & Vassal