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Fondato da Stéphanie Bru e Alexandre Theriot, lo studio BRUTHER lavora nel campo dell’architettura, della ricerca, dell’educazione, dell’urbanistica e del paesaggio. Dal 2007, Bruther sviluppa progetti nazionali e internazionali come il Centro culturale e sportivo Saint-Blaise (2014), la Biblioteca centrale di Helsinki (2013) e il Centro di ricerca New Generation (2015). Bruther è sinonimo di un’architettura specifica, adattata alle esigenze di ogni progetto per offrire condizioni di vita ottimali. Adattabilità ed evolutività dell’edificio sono i fondamenti nella pratica dello studio.

Founded in 2007 by Stéphanie Bru and Alexandre Theriot (> Biography), Bruther works in the fields of architecture, research, education, urbanism, and landscape. Its projects suggest a delicate balance between strategy and form, rigour and freedom, specific and generic, immediacy and evolutivity. The office is known for designs that represent open infrastructures matching an abundance of contextual possibilities and with a wide malleability of uses. This monographic instalment presents a selection of Bruther’s work from 2012 to the present, featuring no less than 20 projects across a range of typologies, from the Helsinki Central Library to sports centres, residential solutions, and more.

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A Conversation between Christian Kerez and Bruther (CHRISTIAN KEREZ)
Bruther’s Mechanicism (LAURENT STALDER)

Low Carbon House
25 Housing Units in Paris
Cultural and Sports Centre, Saint-Blaise
Central Library, Helsinki
Good Life, Public Facility
Super L, 160 Housing Units and one Parking
60 Social Dwellings, Merignac
New Generation Research Centre
Multifunction Sociocultural and Sports Facility, Le Havre
New Museum of the 20th Century, Berlin
Renovation of a High-Rise Building, Paris
New Life Science Building
Student Residence and Reversible Car Park, Palaiseau
Isalab Building, Engineering School in Anglet
Frame, Media House
14 Housing Units on Rue des Bergers
Julie-Victoire Daubié Residence for Researchers
Renovation of Galeries Lafayette, Pau
Learning Centre in Lumière Lyon 2 University campus
National Centre for the Plastic Arts and Mobilier National Storage Facility
National Choreographic Centre of Tours