DETAIL 7-8/2014: Facciate


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The effect had by facades is by no means limited to the building exterior. As a rule, their colours, forms, surface qualities and structures also have an impact on the appearance of the interiors.

In this issue we present buildings with a range of exceptional facades, some of which frame views, while others exploit contrasting material characteristics.

One example of the latter is the Allianz Headquarters in Wallisellen, Switzerland, which incorporates curtains within its closed cavity facade; the supple fabric becomes a foil to the regularity of the glazing. In another project, the finely articulated cast iron elements of a London shop facade ennoble an existing brick building. And at a residence near Munich, the coarse stucco surfaces and wood-clad cut-outs bring about an interlocking of the inside and outside realms.

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Anno: 2014

ISSN: 011-9571-0714