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DESIGNING INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE. Concept Typology Material Construction


  • Comprehensive reference work for the field of interior design
  • Written by an international, interdisciplinary team of authors
  • High-quality, consistent illustration


Designing interior spaces is a task that is equal to architecture, landscape architecture. In this comprehensive work, an international and interdisciplinary team of authors presents the essential aspects of the various areas of contemporary interior architecture and design. The project examples are illustrated with brilliant photographs and plans. They have been selected consistently for all chapters of the book and represent the essential building types, including exhibition stand design, as well as a broad range of today’s design approaches. The authors place the collaboration between the various design disciplines at the center of focus. The appendix contains information for further information. All in all, “Designing Interior Architecture” is a fundamental reference for all those working professionally with the built environment.

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Formato: 24,5×30
Pagine: 368
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2013

ISBN: 9783034606806