C3 415: SANAA and Gehry in Transformation


C3 415: SANAA and Gehry in transformation / “Enlarging the Mind”, adding Space on Campus / Cool Concrete, morphing and adapting Form

The highlight of this issue is a feature entitled “SANAA and Gehry in transformation”, where a single new project from each office is examined: La Samaritaine, SANAA’s undulating glass department store in Paris, and Gehry’s Van Gogh-inspired project, The Tower at LUMA Arles. Other offerings include the game of spatial logic architects play when challenged to make additions to educational campuses is explored in “Enlarging the mind”, which looks at recent work by 3h architects, Arquitectura DESE UC, and Vector Architects. And getting creative on a limited footprint is an age-old fascination for designers, reflected in the five houses presented in “Cool Concrete”.

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