C3 405: Major Office


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C3 405: Major Offices. New Positions in Sustainability / Adaptive Reuse with Historical Value / Universities as Common Space?

With the theme “Major Offices”, this instalment first tackles new positions in sustainability when it comes to building new headquarters. Featured projects include the Olympic House by 3XN, Adidas World of Sports Arena by Behnisch Architekten, and Mindspace’s Titan Integrity Campus in Bangalore. The second theme, “Adaptive Reuse” dives into the subject with historical value as its foremost priority. Exemplary projects are LocHal Library in Tilburg by Civic Architects, the Halle Girard Building Renovation in Lyon by Vurpas Architectes, and Perkins and Will’s Unilever North American Headquarters. Lastly, the magazine raises the question of universities as common space.

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