C3 385: Modern Vernacular – Architecture in India


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C3 385: Modern Vernacular. Bridging Tradition and Innovation / Architecture in India. New Indian Identities and Architectural Tectonics

In the main feature, five projects are examined that deal with the theme of modern vernacular, addressing the question of how architects today can reconcile the two seemingly disparate approaches of contemporary gestures and historic traditions into a single, cohesive design. This reinterpretation by architects of regional building practices and vernacular style in a modern context comes to the fore in Tadao Ando’s Bosco Studio & House, the Fan Zeng Art Gallery by Original Design Studio, and Chinmaya Mission Austin by Miro Rivera Architects, for example. Also featured, the output of new offices in India like Architecture Brio, Sameep Padora, S+PS Architects, and more.

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