C3 367: Landscaping and Building


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C3 367: Landscaping and Building / Dwell How. Stand on the Climate / Natural and Artificial – Dichotomy or Duality?

The overarching theme of this edition is the interaction of architecture and nature. Through three parts, an examination of how buildings today are responding to the needs of landscape and climate is presented, along a dialogue over whether natural and artificial should be viewed as a dichotomy or duality. “Landscaping and Building” features integrated projects by Radionica Arhitekture, Petr Hájek, Henning Larsen, UAO, and more. “Stand on the Climate” offers four exemplary dwellings that respond to their respective settings, whether desert or alpine. Other projects include Atelier KUU’s Pacific Dazzle Baton and Cheering Restaurant by H&P Architects.

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