C3 305: New History



C3 305: Archipulse / New History. New Life to Exiting / Zoo; Second Nature for Animals

The last century saw several changes in the relationship between architects and history. Driven by technological and engineering developments, the Modern movement at the beginning of the twentieth century paved a smooth road headed in an anthropocentric cultural direction that already existed since the rise of Humanism. Among the names and projects in this issue are: Aldeburgh Music and Dovecote Studio both by Haworth Tompkins, Can Framis Museum by BAAS, Zagreb Dance Center by 3LHD, Hotel Tximista by Gorka Marcuerquiaga, Birdcage for Exotic Birds by Group8, Elephant House by Foster+Partners, Savannah House by LAM Architects, and Macaw Cages at the Barcelona Zoo by Batlle I Roig Arquitectes.

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