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  • Planar House in Porto Felix, São Paulo, Brazil (Studio MK27)
  • Bungalow Germering, Germany (Arnold / Werner and Kurt Tillich)
  • Tamara Villa in Ahmedabat, Gujarat, India (VPA Architects)
  • House L in St. Martin, Gsies, Italy (Plasma Studio)
  • Constant Springs Residence in Austin, TX, USA (alterstudio architecture)


The amazing architectural varieties derived from combining the ingenious spatial solutions of apartment floor plans with the autonomy of detached single-family houses.

Interactive living on a single level with a wide variety of layouts, sophisticated room concepts based on creative building structures, virtually no barriers, and a perfect symbiosis of architecture and environment – the bungalow, consisting of a single floor or one and a half stories, is the epitome of a self-determined lifestyle, inspiring builders and architects alike.

The contemporary projects presented here show the entire range of functional and design possibilities of this building style. Each one is unique and has been individually developed according to its location and wishes of its residents. All presented bungalows are distinguished by their architectural uniqueness and high living comfort.