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a cura di Cordelia Craigie

BLANK SLATE. A Comprehensive Library of Photographic Templates

Provides graphic Designers and Advertisers with photographic Templates for the true-to-life and convincing Presentation of their Designs.

Blank Slate provides graphic designers and advertisers with 1,000 photographic templates of everyday objects for the true-to-life and convincing presentation of their designs—from shopping bags and bottles to brochures and a variety of other products. Because all of the templates shown in the book are also available as digital files on a free included DVD, any creative can easily use them to present his or her work in the way that gives clients the most concrete grasp of how their corporate designs will function in the real world.

Every graphic designer and advertising professional knows the drill. After a logo or corporate design has been created, it needs to be presented and sold to a client. Showing preliminary drafts on paperboard isn’t adequate. In order to communicate the idea behind the design, it is much more effective to present it in the application for which it is meant—whether on a shopping bag, on a company car, in a brochure, or on a variety of other products. This method of presentation makes designs come to life and gives the client a real idea of how they will work and why.

Blank Slate is a compilation of 400 photographic dummies of everyday objects that are depicted in the book and can also be downloaded for free as digital files. With the help of these dummies, any designer can present his or her work in the way that gives clients the most concrete grasp of how their corporate designs will function in the real world.

Until now, hardly any suitable dummies existed for creating such presentations. The few that did exist were of moderate quality and high prices. In a similar fashion to our bestseller Neubau Welt, the handbook Blank Slate provides designers with inspiring examples and practical digital tools that will make the implementation, presentation, and sale of their work much easier.

> Currently design director at the DMC Group in Düsseldorf, Cordelia Craigie has spent many years creating a wealth of projects for clients including Mercedes-Benz, Johnson & Johnson, Maurice Lacroix, Allianz, and REWE. In doing such work, she came to the realization that she sorely missed a toolbox such as Blank Slate. Luckily for us, she took the initiative to create the book to help herself and everyone else simplify the process involved in presenting designs to a client.

Veste editoriale: Cartonato + DVD
Formato: 24×28
Pagine: 256
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2013
ISBN: 9783899554656

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