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BEYOND ARCHITECTURE. Imaginative Buildings and Fictional Cities

Architectural visions and utopias for the city of tomorrow. With great curiosity, Beyond Architecture documents numerous experimental projects and positions from a number of different creative contexts. They show what the architecture of tomorrow can look like and throw an illuminating spotlight on the future-oriented interpretation of architecture as a theme of visual culture. From sculptures, models and installation art to design, illustration and painting to photography and collage. Architecture and visual culture influence each other in a creative interaction. In addition to architects, more and more artists, designers and graphic artists are discovering architecture as a field of experimentation. Their visionary concepts for new buildings and urban space make it possible to playfully explore and expand the definition and definition of architecture. Beyond Architecture shows exciting current visions of architecture and urban spaces and, as an essential compendium of contemporary visual culture, not only offers architects new inspiration.

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Formato: 24,5×28,5
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2009

ISBN: 9783899552355