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di John Allan

Berthold Lubetkin (1901-1990) is widely regarded as the most outstanding architect of his generation to have practiced in England. Almost all his surviving buildings have been landmarked, and his work and ideas continue to feature in architectural discourse and education. Lubetkin’s designs are characterized by clear geometric figures, technical ingenuity, and a functional resolution that show modernism at its most poetic and powerful. Famous works such as the Penguin Pool at London Zoo, with its interlocking spiral ramps, and Highpoint One, an elegantly planned eightstory apartment block in north London, brought Lubetkin and his firm international recognition and praise from Le Corbusier. With text by architect, author, and Lubetkin expert John Allan, and stunning new photographs by Morley von Sternberg, this study provides a fresh account of this key twentiethcentury architect, and has an immediacy and accessibility that reveals Lubetkin and his work to a new audience.

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