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ART SELLS. Installation Designs for Retail Spaces

Art Sells showcases imaginative installations, displays, and store decorations used by businesses large and small to delight the senses and attract customers. The brilliant designs included offer fresh ideas and perspectives on grabbing patrons’ attention and bolstering sales,demonstrating how elegant art pieces and colorful installations can be used to draw in potential customers. The book highlights the commercial and aesthetic value of installation design in visual merchandising with projects that express a brand’s creativity as well as catch consumers’ eyes. Featured projects are drawn from large brands such as UNIQLO and Swarovski Crystal, as well as small boutique stores and upscale malls and shopping centers around the world.

As a creative form of visual merchandising, installations in commercial spaces play a very important role in attracting attention and encouraging sales. This collection offers an insight into how the artistic value of installation design is tastefully transformed into the commercials value desperately needed in today’s business world.

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Formato: 21,5×28
Pagine: 256
Immagini a colori-b/n: 450
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2015
ISBN: 9789881383563