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di Miyoung Pyo

ARCHITECTURAL DIAGRAMS 2. Construction and Design Manual

Architects use diagrams every day – as sketches they are convenient tools for quickly demonstrating a point, as worked through representations they present complex ideas simply and attractively for clients, and as graphics they cross language barriers. Their theoretical background is, however, not quite so well known.

Alongside offering inspiring examples of these multifaceted visualisations, this volume explores some of the associated history and theory. How is the diagram a place where architecture and philosophy meet? In what ways can we critically examine their analogue and digital forms? Is the history of the diagram over? Citing the ideas of, among others, Peter Eisenman and Gilles Deleuze the philosopher Lidia Gasperoni investigates diagrammatic practices in architectural design in her absorbing introductory essay.

Part of the Construction and Design Manuals series, Architectural Diagrams 2 is a practical guide for those working in creative disciplines: over 312 pages it covers the fields of architecture, interior design, and installation, with both images and quotes from carefully selected contemporary practitioners.

– Essay by Lidia Gasperoni

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Formato: 22,5×28
Pagine: 312
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2018

ISBN: 9783869226736