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ANNETT ZINSMEISTER. Searching for Identity

Annett Zinsmeister works with space and architecture, with structures and elements that are taken out of their conventional contexts and reassembled into new spaces and compositions. She combines various disciplines (architecture, art, design, science) and deals with the subject of architecture through sketches, photographs, installations, films and sculptured spaces. The focus is on modular principles, structures, dealing with utopias and the identity of spaces, with social interaction, communication, and the transformation of urban spaces. Her works challenge our perceptions, reveal daily habits, open up new perspectives and the unexpected potential of inhospitable and abandoned spaces. They prompt urban intervention and transformation processes.
This book provides, for the first time, an overview over Annett Zinsmeister’s frequently published transdisciplinary works.

– Authors: Kai-Uwe Hemken, Simone Kraft, Claus Pias, Simone Schimpf, Winfried Sterol

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Lingua: GB-D
Anno: 2012

ISBN: 9783868591941