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AMAG 34 is dedicated to the work of AMAA, ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTURE and STUDIO WOK , 3 italian architecture offices, from the young new generation of Italian emergente practices.

AMAA was founded by Marcello Galiotto and Alessandra Rampazzo in 2012 in Venice as the culmination of their collaboration during their university studies, AMAA capitalises on the personal sensitivity gained in the field of architecture thanks to their experience working alongside Massimo Carmassi and Sou Fujimoto. Their professional activity is accompanied by constant research work and collaboration with the academic world. The design for public and private commissions and for participation in national and international competitions is always deepened at different scales down to the smallest detail, thanks to an international team and specific consultants where necessary where architecture is understood as a collective fact rather than an imposition of a personal attitude.

ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTURE was founded in Brescia in 2017 by Nicolò Galeazzi and Martina Salvaneschi. The office was conceived as a laboratory where practice meets architecture and craftsmanship, through a process that they define “archaeological” and that aims to investigate the primary and primitive idea of things, starting from understanding the place and the cultural context. Called to operate through the collection of visual, textual and material data.

STUDIO WOK was founded in Milan, by Marcello Bondavalli, Nicola Brenna and Carlo Alberto Tagliabue. Since 2012, Studio Wok have focused their research on architecture, design and landscape, paying great attention to the quality of living. Their methodological and design approach is artisanal. For the development of their work, Studio Wok carefully note the physical features of the project site: the landscape, the materials that characterise the area, the light and the atmosphere.