di Nuno Teixeira

Siza, looking at our book, and while our camera is recording, says: “Well, I am amazed at the quality with which this book is made, in all aspects – the presentation, the design of the book, but also and above all the rigour with which it is made. Being a book focused on details, I have never seen one published with the same rigour as this one (…). Really, this book is a treasure.” (Video available on the home page of the House Details’ website)

Second volume of the book that is the absolute reference from a technical point of view, on the work of Álvaro Siza. Hundreds of details to scale and a high level of information. In the book, three, never-before-seen, housing projects are shown, through details and construction processes. From a technical point of view, it is the most useful publication, the most demanding, detailed and the one that most and best reveals Siza’s unique genius. It is an absolutely essential book, from a technical and methodological point of view, for understanding his way of thinking, his profound dedication, and his unique talent. Throughout his entire career – Siza has never provided a complete project in AutoCAD, editable DWG format. In our case, he provided three. Siza, generously, allowed us to disclose, that he “authorized us to make changes to the drawings so that they correspond to the constructed project (as built)”. It would be impossible for the team of architects at House Details, to have a greater honour. We are deeply grateful to Siza for the utmost confidence he had in our team and for having enriched us so much and in so many different ways during this process that lasted over three years and took many thousands of hours of work. This book was made with sacrifice, great joy, the deepest respect, and all the rigour that was humanly possible. Again, we express our deepest gratitude to Álvaro Siza. We appreciate all his immense generosity and having been able to enjoy all of his many other human and professional qualities.

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Anno: 2021/2022

ISBN: 9789895406869 (Vol.1)

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