Also a weighty edition – like its predecessor – this ambitious, boxed collection, comprises three distinct volumes which together present more than 500 works and projects by young/progressive offices. The first volume examines public infrastructure, in particular those projects that deal with street furniture, transportation and community space; the second, landscape architectural projects for waterfront areas, streetscapes, public parks and squares, and the third; urban planning designs that deal with urban regeneration, public urban areas and large-scale housing projects. Providing a sweeping survey of contemporary public and urban design practice, all works and projects are surveyed over two or more pages through photographs, technical drawings and models, and are accompanied by interviews and introductory texts. Vincent Callebaut Architectures, Willy Müller, NL Architects, SPACEGROUP, Peripheriques, JDS Architects, AMID (cero9), Kevin Kennon Architects, Greg Lynn Form, AEDS, and UN Studio are just a few of the practices with work featured.

Veste editoriale: Cartonato + Cofanetto
Formato: 24×31
Pagine: 1090
Lingua: KO-GB
Anno: 2009

ISBN: 9788991111462