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ADAMO FAIDEN. El Constructor Contemporáneo


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ADAMO FAIDEN. The Contemporary Constructor: Architecture 2007-2018

This book is a compilation of thirteen years of intense activity by the Argentine studio Adamo-Faiden.

The projects selected for this edition are described by means of a limited system of documents, showing how their production methods are capable of overcoming the contingencies of each formalisation to offer a set of projects of surprising consistency.

In this regard, it was decided not to structure this book with a chronological or thematic order, delegating this role to the relationships that arise from the design techniques employed.

As in the works published here, a crucial role has been given to the inhabitant/reader, offering them a field of visibility that allows them to establish new descriptions or lines of argument that transcend the conceptual framework presented.

Accordingly, this monograph aims to become an invitation to redefine our environment with a prospective view, stimulated in this case by Adamo-Faiden’s spatial and constructive imaginings.

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