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A+U 566: European Architecture 1945-1970


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A+U 566: European Architecture 1945-1970. Synthesis of Modernism and Context

In the post-war years of the 20th century, architects from across the European continent were recruited to help rebuild its cities and supply desperately needed housing. In the United States of the 1950s and ’60s, the emerging aesthetic overlapped with the pursuit of technology, but in Europe there was an enduring tendency to see an overlap with traditional aesthetics and to aim for a synthesis between modernist theory and the local architectural context. Here the magazine looks at exemplary works from this period of rebuilding in Europe, including projects by Alvar Aalto, Cedric Price, Le Corbusier, Alison and Peter Smithson, Sigurd Leweretnz, Aldo van Eyck, Gio Ponti, and more.

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Essay: West European Architecture, 1945–1970  (Laurent Stalder, with Elke Beyer and Anke Hagemann)
Casa del Girasole Luigi Moretti 
Pirelli Tower Gio Ponti + Pier Luigi Nervi 
Torre Velasca BBPR 
Baranzate’s Glass Church Angelo Mangiarotti 
Church for San Carlo Hospital Gio Ponti 
Church of San Francesco Gio Ponti 
Montedoria Building Gio Ponti 
Palazzo dello Sport Pier Luigi Nervi 
Castelvecchio Museum Carlo Scarpa 
Pedestrian Promenade on Philopappos Hill Dimitris Pikionis 
Unité d’Habitation Marseille Le Corbusier 
Halensiedlung Atelier 5 
Nortre-Dome-du-Haut Chapel Le Corbusier 
Couvent de La Tourette Le Corbusier 
House in Nancy Jean Prouve 
Hunstanton Secondary School Alison and Peter Smithson 
Leicester University, Faculty of Engineering
James Stirling and James Gowan 
Snowdon Aviary Cedric Price 
The Economist Building Alison and Peter Smithson 
Catholic Church Franz Fueg 
New National Gallery Mies van der Rohe 
German Pavilion at the Brussels Expo Egon Eiermann
Church of Sainte-Bernardette Claude Parent and Paul Virilio 
Research Center of IBM – France Marcel Breuer 
Aula TU Delft Jacob Bakema 
Roman Catholic Church Aldo Van Eyck 
Bensberg City Hall Gottfried Böhm 
La Grande Borne à Grigny Émile Aillaud 
Retti Candle Shop Hans Hollein 
SAS Royal Hotel Arne Jacobsen 
Town Hall, Såynåtsalo Alvar Aalto 
Experimental House Alvar Aalto 
Chapel of the Technical College, Otaniemi Heikki and Kaija Siren 
Church, Vuoksenniska Alvar Aalto 
The Louisiana Museum Jørgen Bo with Vilhelm Wohlert
St. Petri Church Sigurd Lewerentz 
St. Mark’s Church Sigurd Lewerentz 
St. Hallvard Church Kjell Lund & Nils Slaatto 
Temppeliaukio Church Timo & Tuomo Suomalainen 
Aalto University (former: Helsinki University of Technology),
Main Auditorium Alvar Aalto