A+U 12:2005 SPECIAL ISSUE: A House of Sustainability


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This title is devoted to the study of an experimental house, called PAPI which has been designed and realized by the Toyota Motor Corporation. Central to this high-tech digital house is the showcasing of the relationship between architecture and network information technology.

Future house “Toyota Dream Home PAPI” was designed and developed by a Tron Architect, Ken Sakamura, ”in collaboration with Toyota Home, Inc. Their design principle was based on what they call “Factor Four”. Factor Four is an idea that while they reduce environmental effect by half, they also attempt to increase comforts of the residence by twice. (4 times “better” than current living environment)
Another importance is the fact that this project is created by Toyota, who has developed car technology, and is now applying that technology to residential construction.
This issue thus features the technological development and design strategies of PAPI, by mainly focusing on the ideas of engineers who realized this project. 

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Formato: 22×29
Pagine: 144
Lingua: J-GB
Anno: 2005

ISBN: 9784900211605