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A+T 31: HYBRIDS I. High Rise Mixed Use Buildings

Welcoming another direction in their investigations, A+T presents a new publication that focuses on hybrid buildings. Specific in their use and design, this new generation of building structures enable a combination of different programmes and encourages a range of urban uses including housing, public spaces, offices and civic facilities. Among the twelve high-rise hybrid projects examined are Steven Holl Architects’ Linked Hybrid, Beijing; RCR arcquitectes’ The Edge, Dubai; the Tour Signal, Puteaux by Jean Nouvel and OMA’s Dubai Renaissance, Dubai. Further, four recent projects in New York are examined in the context of the future place for skyscrapers in architecture. All works are accompanied by plans, elevations, photographs, computerised images and technical notes. 

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Formato: 24×32
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Lingua: E-GB
Anno: 2008

ISSN: 1132-6409-31