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di Xia Jiajia & Yang Ruizhu

A FAIRY TALE ABOUT LOVE. Wedding Graphic Design

  • Focusses on the ‘small stuff’ necessary for a smooth and unique wedding operation: the wedding invitations, the table cards, etc.
  • A sumptuously illustrated guide that will inspire and intrigue

A wedding is an invitation for friends and family to witness the strength of a couple’s love. As such, even the tiniest details require careful attention, to ensure that the occasion reaches its full potential. Whether you are a wedding planning company, a graphic designer, or a spouse-to-be, this book is a necessity!

The Devil may be in the details, but it’s the small stuff that will make your big day. Wedding invitations, RSVPs, save the date cards, posters, thank you cards and table cards… These small but essential items express the lovers’ personalities, making each wedding a unique experience. This book is dedicated to the minutiae of a wedding, exploring how these seemingly-insignificant pieces are actually the backbone of the event, consolidating the wedding’s theme and providing continuity throughout.

Containing over 100 pictures from marriage ceremonies across the world, A Fairy Tale about Love aims to show its readers all the latest styles. Creative, elegant, and modern, these beautiful works are a feast for the eyes. The book also displays the design concept, design style and printing process behind each piece, making it a excellent reference book.

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Formato: 21,5×28,5
Pagine: 280
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2018

ISBN: 9789881468888