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2G N.36: BKK-3


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BKK-3 are the third formation of a collective that began in the 1980s under the name of BKK (literally Baukunst Kollektiv, the Art of Building Collective, which went on to call itself BKK-2), residing in Vienna and led by Johny Winter and Franz Sumnitsch. From a position of political activism, almost, the collective posits an architecture of participation with the user and with institutions. Heirs of the long Viennese tradition of housing co-operatives that goes back to the well-known Höffe of the 1920s, their work makes a special point of new forms of collective living by endowing housing groups with a set of services that reinforce the inhabitants sense of community. Along with the Viennese housing and services co-operative Sargfabrik and Miss Sargfabrik, which brought fame to BKK-2 and BKK-3 on the Austrian and later the international scene, the present issue of 2G also includes other works in the field of commercial space like the office buildings. 

Veste editoriale: Brossura
Formato: 23×30
Pagine: 144
Lingua: E-GB
Anno: 2005

ISBN: 9788425220418