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2G N.12: Craig Ellwood



2G N.12: Craig Ellwood. 15 Casas / 15 Houses

Craig Ellwood´s career was extensive, including over one hundred documented buildings. Houses were Ellwood`s beginning and the origin of his experimentation. And since he designed domestic architecture up to the later years, the houses provide a comprehensive view of his career. Ellwood´s residential work also benefited from the experimentation in his commercial architecture. The selection has been marked by the state of conservation of the houses. Fortunately, the number of them in good shape represent the breadth of Ellwood´s career. The publication of all this material, rather than undermining the tale that Ellwood told of himself, demonstrates the high standard he maintained throughout his production.

– One single issue of this international architecture periodical, with a full-issue singular focus on the work of American architect Craig Ellwood (1922-1992). Includes an intro by Alfonso Perez-Mendez, a bio, and essays by Livio Vacchini, Norman Foster, and Richard Ingersoll. Spotlights 15 of Ellwood’s buildings, all in California: Broughton House, Brettaver Apartments, Hale House, Zack House, Case Study House #16, Andersen House, Steinman House, House in Sherman Oaks, Kuderna House, Korsen House, Rosen House, Moore House, Kubly House, Palevsky House, and Kawahara House. Each profile includes contemporary color photos, floor plans, and interior and/or exterior renderings. A fantastic resource for studying 1950s-1960s residential architectural style.

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> Craig Ellwood (Clarenden, Texas, 1922) was one of the architects who during the 50s took part (alongside Charles Eames, Pierre Koenig and Rafael Soriano, among others) in the celebrated Case Study Houses programme organized by the Arts & Architecture magazine with the aim of promoting modern architecture and experimentation with new industrial materials in domestic architecture. Ellwood’s relatively short professional career spanned the years from 1948 to 1977, when he retired at the age of 55.

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