2G DOSSIER: New Latin American Landscape Architecture



a cura di Miquel Adrià

This volume explores the relationship between landscape and architecture by means of more than twenty current Latin American examples, the aim being to demonstrate the interaction between the two disciplines. Architectures appear that, firstly, have less to do with the objectual idea that preserves the reality of a devastated planet, and secondly, a modified, domesticated landscape.

The works chosen extend from architectures inserted as objects in the landscape-a house by Gabriel Orozco, for example-to architectures that not only constitute the support but also the container of domesticated bits of nature; the Orchidorama in Medellín, for instance. Other examples are based on experiments, games and temporary installations whose common denominator is an alteration of the landscape per se. Also included in this number are more landscapist schemes that define territories, make them accessible, and at the same time introduce monumental elements so that they may take on the characteristics of genuine places.

> Miquel Adrià (Barcelona, 1956) graduated as an architect from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB) and is the author of various books on architecture, including La casa moderna: paradigmas latinoamericanos de mitad de siglo XX (Barcelona, 2002). At present he is chief editor of the magazineArquine.

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