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The cover image we chose for 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide 18/19, this time comes from Mark Laita, an internationally award-winning photographer.

Our latest biennial volume, 200 Ad Photographers worldwide, is about to go off to the printers and will be out the first week of December. Which is why I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of what you can expect. The hefty volume (some 500+ pages), which will be published along with Vol. 6-2017 of Archive magazine is the result of a thorough preselection and judging process which in the end distilled the 8,000+ submissions by ad photographers from a total of 50 countries. Advertising photographers had been invited to submit what they thought of as their best work – whether for advertising, editorial, self-promotion – but not older than two years. See the members of our distinguished jury, who selected the work of the 200 photographers that got into the book, on your right.

The cover image we chose for the book this time comes from Mark Laita, an internationally award-winning photographer, who has been a constant presence in Archive magazine for some twenty years. He’s particularly well-known for his photos of aquatic creatures such as tropical fish but also reptiles and amphibian. He once got bitten by on of his models, a Black Mamba – the deadliest of snakes – but obviously lived to tell.  Compared to that, shooting the two generations of American bullterriers you can see on the cover must have been a piece of cake, perhaps because of the power of music apparently playing through the set of headphones the two share.

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