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1,000 DEADSTOCK SNEAKERS. The Dream Collection


An accessible and comprehensive encyclopedia of 1,000 deadstock sneakers – the originals produced for exclusive, limited-edition releases – by trendsetting sneakerhead and infamous reseller Larry Deadstock.

“Deadstock” refers to the originals: authentic, unworn sneakers that were produced for limited-edition releases, limited-run reruns, or pairs that have otherwise stopped being made. No longer available from the direct retailers, deadstock is the most desirable, exclusive, and valuable sneaker merchandise in existence, only available from select resell shops and websites such as Larry Deadstock’s.

In 1,000 Deadstock Sneakers, deadstock collector and infamous reseller Larry Deadstock teams up with streetwear journalist François Chevalier to dive deep into the origins, history, and trends of international sneaker culture. This book features:

  • The origin story behind the first pair of Air Jordans
  • Basketball legends LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan
  • Groundbreaking designers such as Virgil Abloh
  • Influential figures like Will Smith, Spike Lee, and Travis Scott
  • Informative anecdotes from Larry Deadstock
  • Original advertisements from Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, New Balance, Rebook, Vans, and more

Larry Deadstock is an internationally well-known name in sneaker culture and the owner of a sneaker resell store in Paris. He has 186,000 followers on Instagram. François Chevalier (Co-writer) is a journalist specializing in streetwear. He writes for Télérama and Entorse Editions.