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Most designers including architects and students who are studying design wants to show an advanced design. That is why they are sensitive reaction on present trend. So we would like to show TREND OF ARCHITECTURE through recently design project in all of the world. It would be focused on projects shown concept, basic idea and processing with images.

This ambitious, boxed edition, comprises three distinct volumes which together present more than 200 works and projects by young/progressive offices. The first volume deals with houses, apartment and education architecture; the second, office, commercial, landscape, master plan, installation and pavilion; and the third with exhibition, furniture, public facilities, interior, museum, cultural facilities. Providing a sweeping survey of contemporary practice, all works and projects are surveyed over two or more pages through photographs, technical drawings and models, and are accompanied by interviews and introductory texts.

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- 60 DESIGNER TEAM: 3deluxe, Architects Group Raum, Atelier Kempe Thill, Ayutt and Associates design, AZC, AZPML, Bertolone + Plazzogna architects with Davide Ceron,
Marco Plazzogna with Massimo Galeotti and Elisa Rizzato, BIG, boundaries, BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaoe, Caramel architekten zt gmbh, Cheungvogl Architects, Delution architect, DIBA Tensile Architecture, Didier Fiúza Faustino, ELA- Edu Lopez Architects, Equoatelier di architettura, Florian Busch Architects, FUKSAS, GEZA – gri e zucchi architetti associati, Henning Larsen Architects, J. Mayer H., KAAN Architecten, LGSMA_, M artı D Mimarlık, MAD Architects, Manila Architecture Workshop, mecanoo, MMK+, nARCHITECTS, NL Architects, nodo17 group, object-e architecture, OBRA Architects, OFIS arhitekti, OFL Architecture, OLI Architecture, Pedro Novo Arquitectos, PÉRIPHÉRIQUES Architectes, SADAR + VUGA, STEFANO CORBO STUDIO, SET Architects, SLOT STUDIO, SMAQ, SMAR Architecture Studio, Söhne & Partner architects, SPACEGROUP, studio – GAON, Sue Architekten ZT GmbH, SUPA Schweitzer Song, TA.R.IArchitects, The next ENTERprise Architects, Toban Architects, Tom Wiscombe Architecture, TOUCH Architect, TROPICAL SPACE, UNStudio, Urban Agency, Zaha Hadid Architects

Vol.4 - HOUSING / EDUCATION: Single House, Private House, Town House, Villa, Highrise Apartment, Social Housing, Residential, Complex, Building, Lobby of Residential, Kindergarten, Secondary School, High school, University, Collage, School of Arts, Medical school, Library, Education Center, Youth Hostel

Vol.5 - OFFICE & COMMERCIAL / LANDSCAPE & MASTERPLAN / INSTALLATION & PAVILION: Craft Shop, Studio, Office, Headquarter, Control Center, Market, Hotel, Efficiency Apartment, Convention Hall, Park Design, Street Planning, Bridge Design, Plaza Planning, Urban Design, Cityscape, Landscape, EXPO Masterplan, Installation, Memorial, Sculpture, Partition, Kiosk, Cabin, Showcase, Playground, Pavilion

Vol.6 - EXHIBITION & FURNITURE / PUBLIC FACILITIES & INTERIOR / MUSEUM & CULTURAL FACILITIES: Exhibition, Product Design, Furniture, Cat Tower, Lighting Design, Stair Design, Memorial Center, Gate House, Station, Interior, Membrance Structure, Parking Tower, Airport Planning, Religious Facilities, Prison, National Archives, Exhibition Hall, Museum of Arts, Performance Hall, Stadium, Gym, Slide, Wheel, Curtural Center, Community Center

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