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di David Adjaye

a cura di Peter Allison

A complete overview of architecture in 54 African cities, recorded by one of the world’s leading architects

‘A unique record of a continent in which compelling architecture is appearing in extraordinary circumstances’ – Edwin Heathcote, Financial Times
‘An arresting visual introduction to cities across the continent, a learned journey into the vibrant beating heart of contemporary African life’ – Ellah Wakatama Allfrey, Guardian

This is one of the most original, ambitious and important architectural publications of our time, now available to everyone wishing to gain an understanding of a unique architectural heritage overlooked for too long.

The African continent contains some of the world’s most vibrant culture and creativity, and yet its buildings – vernacular, colonial or contemporary – have rarely engaged the interest of Western architects.

David Adjaye, the first black architect to establish a truly global reputation in his field, has found endless sources of inspiration for his designs in the rich – and chequered – heritage of Africa’s teeming metropolises.

His life dream was to return to the continent as an architect to document Africa’s built environment. Over a long decade, he tirelessly documented these dynamic, colourful cities, photographing thousands of buildings, sites and places, and letting each building speak for itself, in telling contrast to a design world obsessed with photorealistic slickness. The result was a stunning seven-volume work that has become an essential resource for all those interested in the burgeoning continent.

This new compact edition will make the fruits of this once-in-a-generation record available to a much wider audience.

> David Adjaye has built a stunning array of houses, and his public buildings – including a médiathèque in London, a contemporary art museum in Denver, and the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo – have brought him international critical acclaim. His previous books published by Thames & Hudson are David Adjaye: Houses and David Adjaye: Making Public Buildings
> Peter Allison is a London-based exhibition curator and teacher.

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