PACKAGED FOR LIFE: Beer, Wine & Spirits


PACKAGED FOR LIFE: Beer, Wine & Spirits


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In our haste to consume the things we love, we often disregard or discard packaging without a second thought. While many would argue that they bear no significance or should be done away with in our quest to save the environment, there is a lot more to packaging design than meets the eye. On top of conveying a brand’s personality, purpose, or message meaningfully and embodying its contents in ways that catch the eye, a seemingly ordinary bottle or box can become an artist or designer’s canvas for extraordinary creative expression.

PACKAGED FOR LIFE: Beer, Wine & Spirits explores some of the most fun ways with which alcohol is packaged to tantalise people into indulging in their tipples of choice. Coupled with a booklet of fun facts about the products themselves, it serves as a vessel of inspiration that celebrates the overlooked tactile beauty of our favourite things.

Veste editoriale: Softcover con Elastico (+ Libretto)
Formato: 14,8x19,7
Pagine: 256+36
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Lingua: D-GB
Anno: Dicembre 2020

ISBN: 9789887972709