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GEOMETRY NOW. Designing for Tomorrow

Geometry shapes involve in the core of graphic design. As essential visual elements in graphic design, shapes have been constantly inspiring designers to create millions of masterpieces. Geometry is the science that studies shapes. Taking visual thinking as the leading role, it is dedicated to improving human outsight, insight and spatial imagination. The inclusion of shapes would make designs rather accurate and concise, attracting people with the beauty of the structure. Throughout the history, geometry shapes have never failed to be the very topic in all art fields. Now, to know about the history of the masterpieces is a must, if one wants to create works that can withstand the test of time. Geometry Now! is presented as the 15th Anniversary special edition of Sendpoints to honor the masterpieces, and to look forward to tomorrow. From the very origin of art styles, Geometry Now! introduces the history of how geometry shapes develop in graphic design, presenting 26 special feelings of shapes explored from A to Z, together with 72 excellent works from around the world and interviews with over 20 famous designers and studios. Sendpoints is an international publishing house, producing and distributing art books for an international audience. For 15 years, Sendpoints has highly valued the art of making book. Firmly believing that books are where human understand civilization and where magic happens, Sendpoints will as always stride like an adventurer, explore the “law of universal gravitation” of every book, and go beyond possibilities in publishing. Books light up the life. Let’s play with books.

[Selling points] As an introduction and history of geometric shapes that goes beyond shapes, the book offers thorough analyses on how geometric shapes emerge, develop and evolve in visual arts. How do shapes always successfully withstand the test of time? It is a secret hidden in the magnificent masterpieces by the great masters. Let’s take a look in it and enjoy the beautifully constructed geometric visual language to the full.

1. Tracing the history of geometric design through various art movements and works by great artists.

2. An A-Z of concepts and elements of geometric design and interviews with over 20 famous designers and studios.

3. 72 elaborately selected excellent works from around the world on brand identity, package design, book design and posters, to name a few, further help readers to explore more creative ideas.

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