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DRAWING ATTENTION. Custom Illustration Solutions for Brands Today

Whether it is via depictions of cute imaginary characters or familiar backdrops brimming with colour, illustrations can set the right tone for brands to tell meaningful stories. Besides enriching a visual language or identity system with vivid details, hand-rendered designs also make for heartwarming elements that enable companies to connect and engage with audiences in delightful ways.

The collection of projects featured in 'Drawing Attention' serve to inspire designers with a variety of illustration styles and settings that help to add more narrative layers to a brand. From small businesses looking to highlight their charm to bigger ones in need of 'humanising' their touchpoints, the book showcases drawings that effectively bridge the creative and commercial to draw attention.

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Formato: 19x25,5
Pagine: 272
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Lingua: GB
Anno: Febbraio 2022

ISBN: 9789887462996