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di Joseph Sung

  • Includes over 35 case studies of modern and recent visual identity space designs for children, including educational spaces, hospitals, sports clubs, and libraries
  • In-depth analysis of recent projects from across the world by established designers
  • A must-have for interior and graphic designers as well as owners and operators of spaces for children
  • Offers an informative reference for students of interior design

Smart brand design and careful placement can help enhance a sense of identity and create customer loyalty, as well as provide striking and effective ways to attract attention. Visual Identity for Children's Spaces provides an informative look at a wide range of contemporary VI design for a variety of children's spaces all over the world, including learning spaces such as schools, after-school care, and kindergartens, and more general spaces such as café, hospitals, sports clubs, bookstores, and libraries specifically designed for children. With each project revealing the design process by the designers with detailed analysis, this book is a must-have for designers who pay attention to visual identity design of children's spaces and will also be of interest to those who run or manage such spaces.

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Anno: Marzo 2021

ISBN: 9781864708813