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PITSOU KEDEM ARCHITECTS. Twenty-Five Selected Projects

| Choreographies of Light

Pitsou Kedem’s spatial arrangements evoke a continuing shift of perspective: A recurring element of the Tel Aviv architect’s buildings is the impressive double height living room that creates a connection between levels. Guided by fundamental principles of minimalism, the studio was involved in a constant pursuit of purity in order to reveal the essence of a space. After years of simplifying materials to the extent of avoiding all distractions, the architects began to add layers of materials as well as spatial layers. This comprehensive publication retraces the past 20 years of the Studio’s practice. Alongside a photographic archive of its built history in Israel, it features Kedem’s drawings and studies of light perforations from his time at the AA School of Architecture, highlighting his fascination for light as the characterizing element that is at the core of his architectural language.

Pitsou Kedem Architects Studio was founded by PITSOU KEDEM (*1970) after graduating from the AA Architectural Association School of Architecture in 2000. Operating for two decades, the studio has planned many projects in Israel, and more recently around the world, often characterized by a contrast between simple and clean outward masses, and complex and rich internal sections.

- Texts by Sagi Cohen, Oren Eldar /  Graphic Design by Studio Gimel 2 (Nomi Geiger and Dana Gez)

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