EN BLANCO 31: The Architecture of the Universities

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EN BLANCO 31: The Architecture of the Universities


The current university panorama is very different from that of the 60s and 70s with the massive arrival of students to the university that led to the adoption of policies related to teaching models, campus planning and the space that should support to learning.

Not only have learning spaces been profoundly transformed by new technologies, but institutions are also competing for visibility in a scenario of international competition.  Universities are now subject to market rules that shape their policies: brilliant scientific production, fruitful relations with industry, proven knowledge transfer to society, and an attractive range of degrees with promises of high employability.

This special issue of En Blanco brings together five recent works that illustrate the evolution of the questions posed half a century ago with new answers that continue to fuel our reflections.

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Anno: 2022




The Architecture of the Universities
Débora Domingo Calabuig

Skolkovo Institute of Science And Technology, East Ring, Moscow, Russia
Herzog & de Meuron

Fuerzas Armadas University Espe, Santo Domingo de Los Tsáchilas, Ecuador
Estudio Javier García Solera - Duran & Hermida arquitectos

Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ahmedabad University, India
vir.mueller architects

Sáenz Valiente Building, Torcuato Di Tella University, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Josep Ferrando Architecture

New Lecture Room, Alioune Diop University, Bambey, Senegal
IDOM · Javier Pérez Uribarri, Federico Pardos Auber

Open as a matter of principle
Silke Langenberg

Japanese university campuses as dialoguing enclaves: six examples
Pietro Vecchi, Ken-ichi Suzuki

Hic et ubique terrarum. The radical architecture of Italianuniversities in the 1970s
Raúl Castellanos Gómez

The School which never was. The Project of a Campus in A Coruña by Castañón, Laguna, and Ucha
Antonio S. Río Vázquez