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di Sneaker Freaker

SOLED OUT. The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising

Soled Out è una raccolta epica di quasi 900 pubblicità vintage dell’età d’oro delle sneakers. Con testimonial d’eccezione fra le icone del mondo dello sport e della cultura – come Andre Agassi, Paula Abdul, Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, MC Hammer e Shaquille O’Neal –, ogni pagina di Soled Out presenta, grazie alle immagini che ne hanno fatto la storia, la grafica originale e il linguaggio irriverente dei più grandi protagonisti del settore. Un incredibile spettacolo tutto da sfogliare: attraverso 720 pagine Soled Out mette in scena un viaggio straordinario per raccontare la gomma, la pelle e la tela che portiamo ai piedi.

A riotous, 720-page Celebration of Sneakers and sporting Legends, as told through the Medium of Vintage Print Advertising

More than a decade in the making, Soled Out is the definitive – and only – collection of sneaker advertisements from the footwear industry’s golden age. Lovingly written and compiled by Simon ‘Woody’ Wood, founder of the legendary Sneaker Freaker magazine, this colossal volume combines nearly 900 vintage images with a punchy narrative full of insider stories and historical revelations.

Featuring superstar athletes and cultural icons such as Andre Agassi, Paula Abdul, Bo Jackson, Bugs Bunny, Michael Jordan, MC Hammer, and Shaquille O’Neal, every page is laced with classic sneaker models, unforgettable graphics, and outrageous trash talk. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery ahead as Soled Out powers through a 720-page marathon celebration of the rubber, leather, and mesh we wear on our feet.

Sneaker Freaker was established in 2002 by Simon ‘Woody’ Wood as the first and only international footwear magazine. With a monthly audience reach of 10 million, it documents every collaboration, custom design, limited edition, and retro reissue in exacting detail. Based in Melbourne, Woody is recognized worldwide for his encyclopedic knowledge, inimitable writing style, and steadfast role as an authentic ambassador for all things sneakers.

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Anno: Ottobre 2021 (Ristampa Marzo 2022)

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