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di Dorian Lucas

OLD BECOMES NEW. Housing Transformation

  • Charred House in London, United Kingdom (Rider Stirland Architects)
  • Pont à Celles House Refurbishment in Brussels, Belgium (calimùcho)
  • Soho Penthouse in New York, United States (Andrew Berman Architect)
  • Country House in Berlin, Germany (Thomas Kröger Architects)
  • Kardella Residence in Malvern East, Australia (studio four)

How can homes be upgraded to meet today’s demands – from living comfort to energy efficiency and digital requirements? How can the fusion of the historic and the new be used as a design element?

The use of existing residential buildings scores not only with the charm of what has been handed down, be it a baroque villa, a 19th-century farmhouse, or a post-war bungalow, but actually also always with an excellent ecological balance. The extensive reworking, whether modernization, renovation or extension, is a widespread and thoroughly rewarding task for many architects. Since the initial situation is documented for each of the presented projects, the reader can clearly understand the redesign process.

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