di Michael J. Crosbie

GENERATING CONTEXT. The Practice of Perry Dean Rogers and Partners

Perry Dean Rogers is a long-established architectural firm based in Boston, New England. Their approach to architecture is complex, mature, and provocative. A major influence on the work of this office is their interest in context. Founded in 1923, the firm has made a name for itself with numerous buildings for educational institutions. In this volume, the most significant works of Perry Dean Rogers will be examined in six chapters, which explore different facets of their design approach. Amongst the works included are: the new Information Systems Building for Harvard University, a new library for the College of Wooster, Ohio, the renovation of two of Yale University's Colleges and a library for the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Because of their considerable experience in designing university buildings, Perry Dean Rogers have recently completed designing an entire college campus - the masterplan and the individual buildings - for the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts.

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