EL CROQUIS 210/211: Gion. A. Caminada

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EL CROQUIS 210/211: Gion. A. Caminada

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EL CROQUIS 210/211: Gion. A. Caminada 1995-2021

A special double issue devoted to the world of Gion A. Caminada (> Biography), known for his minimalist style that mixes modern design with traditional Swiss methods and materials, especially using wood. Featuring seventeen projects spanning the past three decades, the magazine offers a comprehensive overview of Caminada’s body of work, including notable projects such as the Stiva da Morts community mourning place in Vrin, the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum, the Girls’ Boarding School at Disentis Abbey, and a forest hut in Domat – a communal and educational space for the local community and schools. An interview and personal reflection by Caminada himself complete the tribute.

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Lingua: E-GB
Anno: Ottobre 2021

ISBN: 9788412333145



Interview with Gion A. Caminada
Vrin Multi-Purpose Hall
Stiva da Morts - Vrin Community Mourning Place
Walpen House in Blatten bei Naters
Disentis Monastery Girls' Boarding School
Beckel-Kübler House in Fürstenaubruck
Girsberger House in Múnster-Geschinen
Disentis Monastery Farm
Sennaria - Cheese Factory in Disentis
Ballenberg Open-Air Museum Administration Building
Lookout Tower on the Reuss Delta
Tegia da Vaut - Forest Hut in Domat
Gasthaus am Brunnen - Guesthouse in Valendas
Lookout Tower in the Goldau Nature Park
Bus Stop in Vrin
Casa Caminada - Guesthouse in Fürstenau
Gasthaus Hergiswald - Guesthouse in Obernau
Burggarta - Housing Complex in Valendas

Sensuous, Meaningful, Beautiful Gion Caminada’s Relevant Architecture
An Approximation to the Work of Gion A. Caminada
A Personal Reflection