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Tel Aviv: The White City

a cura di Jochen Visscher

Due to its more than 4,000 white Bauhaus buildings, Tel Aviv is often called „the White City“. The city center, created in the nineteen-thirties and -forties under the influence of international modernism, was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2003. Many architects, most of them emigrating from Europe, found opportunities here to realize their ideological principles and architectural ideas. Tel Aviv’s modernism is characterized by a specific combination of functionality and elegance. While the buildings are adapted to the climatic conditions, many of them display highly specific stylistic features. Stefan Boness, author of Asmara—The Frozen City published at JOVIS, succeeds in capturing the particularities and unique atmosphere of the city in his photographs. By juxtaposing classical modernism with the contemporary architecture of the city, he demystifies it while simultaneously embedding it in a historical context.



* > Photographs by Stefan Boness

Essay by Carsten Hueck

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